About Me

I know how difficult it can feel sometimes....

….trying to juggle the demands of a career, family, home and if you’re lucky a social life….not having enough hours in the day to feature looking after yourself at all!

From the outside I was an ambitious, outgoing and successful woman with a wonderful husband, hectic social life and a thriving career. But deep down I wasn’t happy or fulfilled with my life and I couldn’t work out why.

Only now do I realise that I was so exhausted trying to keep everything running perfectly, and every ball in the air at once, that I was forgetting to look after myself and wasn’t the healthy happy person I deserved to be.

I was burning myself out with long stressful hours at work, huge responsibility, lots of travelling (I had terrible road rage!) plus trying to look after a home, Husband and everything that comes with that – and I didn’t even have children to consider at this point.  I accepted that feeling exhausted was normal!

I got through it by using food!  Sugar became my comfort and I relied on it to help me deal with stress and to keep me awake as I was so exhausted. At some points I would crash so much from too much sugar that I would find myself dangerously falling asleep behind the wheel whilst driving.

After work in the evenings I used to go to the gym because I thought I ought to rather than because I enjoyed it and have to admit that sometimes I just drove there and sat in the car park and had a nap!  It then just resulted in me easily finding solace in drinking wine whilst slumped on the sofa just to try and relax.

I was in a constant state of stress and I wondered why I was always tired and grumpy.  I hit an all time low after being made redundant whilst on maternity leave as not only had I lost the job I was good at, it took away my identity and my self-esteem.  I was trying to be a good Mum but I was bored, tired and doing nothing for myself – and I couldn’t shift my baby weight either so I just felt rubbish.

Sugar became my friend again. I would take daily walks out with the pram to the shops to get large quantities of chocolate to pass the time and then binge eat it before I’d even got home.

It was only when I read about the impact of the maternal diet on children did it shock me into realising that I needed to change not only for myself but for my family too.

What Changed?

Being made redundant gave me the opportunity to pursue my dream of giving something back and helping people with their health and wellness.

Initially I just started studying as something to keep my brain busy whilst the rest of my time was taken dealing with a tiny baby.  I started studying nutrition with no idea of where it was taking me at first but the more I learnt the more I wanted to learn.  After much deliberation I decided to study Health Coaching so that I could utilise my people skills with my health training and be able to give something back to women like me so that they can change their lives and become healthier happier versions of themselves.

At the same time I took myself and my Husband on the start of our own health journey.  We became my first clients and transformed our lives.

Everything I learnt we implemented.  And we both lost weight quickly.  I lost my baby weight and more, and all the weight my Husband had put on in sympathy disappeared too.  We found our passion for exercise and we now have more energy to spend doing activities together as a family.  And the best thing is that it didn’t require any willpower or deprivation and we did it all with a baby under one!

Learning how to live a healthy happy life is simple and fitted seamlessly around the demands of our lives (including lack of sleep!)  We have changed our mind-sets, habits and behaviour around food and now lead a healthier lifestyle waking up in the morning excited and raring to go.

Does my story sound familiar to you?

I finally feel good about myself and feel that I have this wonderful health secret that I just want to share.

What's Unique About Me?

Early on in my life I knew that I wanted to help people so I studied for a degree in Psychology but after completing it I ended up using my skills in a different arena.

I then spent 18 years working in people Management in a corporate environment in which the most rewarding part was coaching the people I worked with to become the best versions of themselves. At numerous points through out my career I have dabbled in the idea of working in health and nutrition but making big changes like that are scary.  I finally took the plunge in 2015 and decided to pursue my dream.

I absolutely love coaching
; it gives me a real buzz, a real sense of achievement and pride when clients achieve their goals and lift that fog that they have been carrying around and realise that there is an easy answer.  And I get results!

What is Health Coaching?

I’d never heard of Health Coaching before I started down this path. When I tell people what I do they tend to smile politely and nod but with a blank stare across their face as they have no idea what it is but think they should!

Health Coaching is a fairly new concept in the UK, with countries such as USA, Canada and Australia years ahead of us in the health game.

MY concept of health coaching is about supporting you to change your habits, behaviours and mind-set around food and health with simple, effective and sustainable techniques that really do work and make positive changes that last.

I’m never going to tell you that you have to become Vegan, give up wine or not enjoy bread ever again…. because then I’d have to do all that myself!  There are plenty of health coaches out there that do follow these kind of principles but I am a normal, busy woman like you who truly loves eating and drinking but has learnt about balance and how to ensure that the choices I make are with the right intention but I never feel like I am missing out.

The rest of the time I fill my diet with nutritious and delicious food and my life with activities that make me happy and healthy and a better version of myself (check out the Abby’s Kitchen page to see what foods I eat each day)

My Husband tells me that my uniqueness comes from the fact that I love food and I eat lots!  I promise you there is a way of eating and enjoying food whilst still losing weight and feeling full of energy.

Does my story sound familiar to you?

I help you to change your mind-set, habits and behaviours around food so that changes will stick long-term.

And now?

The more I work with people the more I want to help others.

Having worked with a number of people in my first year I realised that I actually wanted to work with busy women like me.  I see so many wonderful, intelligent, ambitious women who by no fault of their own have just got swamped by their life.

They juggle part time careers, children, Husbands, homes and everything that is associated with that.  They are exhausted and never put time aside for themselves.

I hear them tell me that they’d love to lose their Mummy tummy once and for all and put a swimsuit on so that they can feel confident around the pool on their summer holiday; they’d like to be able to wear all those clothes that they’ve tucked away at the back of their wardrobes because they haven’t fitted for years but they’ve convinced themselves that one day…..

They’d love to be able to wake each morning with some energy and looking forward to the day whilst finding some time to do some exercise or just have a bit of time to themselves for once.

And that’s before they even get into the whole deep desire of wanting to be healthy so that they can be there for their children and to be a positive healthy role model…..

I can’t promise you that your life will become any less busy but I can promise you that I will help you to become healthier, happier with your body and full of energy once more and that you will have all the tools you need to manage your life and keep it this way.

I wake up in the morning excited and raring to go and have the energy to spend time with my family ensuring that I’m a positive healthy role model for my Son.

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