Programme:12 Week Group Programme

“If I had to describe this programme to someone I would say it’s a life changer!  A journey into a whole new future of health and inner happiness.  It helps you to change your mind-set and your relationship with food, breaking old habits and replacing them with healthier ones as well as encouraging good mental wellbeing and self-care.  It’s a 12 week journey to a new you and a brighter healthier future.

My Fiancée is so impressed with this programme.  He said he saw an amazing change in me after only 4 weeks.  He loves the fact that I’m getting excited about food and trying new recipes.  He’s also just told me that my skin looks lovely and I glow.  For the first time in a long time I feel good, really good.  And I feel positive and excited.  I’m dreading the programme ending!

By the end of the 12 weeks I had lost over a stone in weight – easily, I had reduced redness and breakouts on my skin, healthy nails and hair, reduced stomach bloating and so much more energy.  Plus my shopping bills were actually lower!

I always thought the only way to lose weight was by a slimming group but this programme made me realise that before you can lose weight, and keep it off, you need to break the bad habits or else they will always be there and the weight will come back on.  I haven’t dieted at all during the 12 weeks I just made wise choices and loved it!

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