5 Quick Tips To Help You Recover from a Christmas Binge

5 Quick Tips To Help You Recover from a Christmas Binge

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 Christmas day is over already, boo!   

For some of you that might mean nothing as you have a full two weeks of over indulgence planned until the kids go back to school….  

but for some of you who have woken wishing you hadn’t eaten so much over the past couple of days, you might already be thinking about how you can minimise the damage over the coming week….. 

Here are 5 quick tips for getting yourself back on a straight path or at least minimising the damage before January!  

  1. Don’t beat yourself up! 

We all know that a big part of the holidays is catching up with family and friends and eating comfort food like Christmas pudding, chocolates, roast dinner, more roast dinner…. all washed down with plenty of prosecco. And that’s OK because enjoying the holidays and being too busy to work out comes with the territory, and it’s nothing to beat yourself about. I always talk about not depriving yourself of the things you love because life is too much fun and depriving yourself is hard.  Accept that you’ve had a good time and over indulged and move forward (just don’t keep doing it!)  #no more diet mentality

  1. Plan what you are going to eat going forward

You may well have plenty more social engagements to go to but you don’t have to pig out at them all.  Pick your poison and make sure the rest is healthy around it.  Think ahead to where you are going to and when you are likely to eat more than normal.  And then plan healthy meals for the rest of the time.  One of the biggest downfalls is to just let go altogether as this can result in serious binge eating!  Remember there is no harm in enjoying Granny’s dinner but maybe stick to a bowl of homemade soup for your other meal that day. 

  1. Get moving

The extent of your movement during Christmas so far may have been limited to raising your fork, but it’s important to get moving now. Exercise not only burns calories but also puts you in a positive mind-set, which can help you make smarter food choices.  Remember movement doesn’t have to mean hitting the gym or pounding the pavements, go out for a long brisk walk with the family or put some music on and get dancing… anything that gets your blood pumping is fine. 

  1. Don’t keep eating the leftovers

After the holidays, get rid of all the holiday food. If you’re going to lose weight, you have to get rid of the temptation otherwise you will eat it!  Replace the chocolates and puddings with fruit and healthy snacks and take some with you when you go out so you’re not always tempted by food lying around. 

  1. Hit the water bottle

Most people completely under-estimate the importance of drinking plenty of water, especially if there is lots of alcohol involved too.   A lot of the time we think we’re hungry, we’re actually thirsty. In addition to helping you feel fuller, water also helps flush out the “bad” stuff you’ve been eating as you transition back to a healthier lifestyle. 

Getting back on track really isn’t that hard – the truth is it’s all in your mind-set.  Believe it’s ok to over-indulge for the whole of Christmas and not care about the consequences, then you will.  But believe that it’s ok to have the odd indulgence and the rest of the time work on damage limitation, then your body and mind will thank you come January!

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