Halloumi, Bacon and Quinoa Salad

Halloumi, Bacon and Quinoa Salad

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Whenever the weather is a bit dreary a warm salad works wonders.  You get some warmth from the halloumi, bacon, quinoa and peas but it’s still a salad!

This is very quick to make too.

Ingredients: serves 2

80g frozen peas

3 rashers unsmoked back bacon

40g rocket

40g shelled pistachios (approx. 30 nuts)

1/2 pack ready made quinoa

140g light halloumi, thinly sliced

olive oil for cooking and dressing


Steam or microwave the peas for 3 minutes.

Meanwhile chop the bacon into strips and fry in a pan until cooked.

While these are cooking start to assemble the salad into the bowls.  Put the rocket in the bottom and mix in the pistachio nuts.

Once the peas are done, drain if required and keep covered so they remain warm.

Cook the quinoa as per packet instructions.

Once the bacon is ready add to the peas to keep warm then add a little olive oil into the same frying pan (you use the bacon juices for the halloumi giving it some extra flavour) and gently fry the halloumi for a few minutes on each side until a golden brown.

Assemble the quinoa, peas and bacon on the salad and finally top with the halloumi.

Drizzle a little olive oil over the top as a dressing.

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