12 Week Happy Healthy You Group Coaching Programme

12 Week Happy Healthy You Group Coaching Programme

Would you like to lose weight, increase your energy and improve your health once and for all?

Do you prefer the support of other people around you?

Then the Group Coaching Programme is for you.

Space is limited to just 6 people and this programme is conducted through an online video call so you can be anywhere in the world!

  • There's no dieting, deprivation or willpower required!
  • You’ll work on your mind-set, behaviour and habits to ensure the changes you make are long lasting.
  • You'll have the guidance of a Certified Health Coach, the support of a dedicated group and regular online meetings to help keep you on track.
  • You will feel focused, motivated and supported like nothing you have ever experienced before.
  • Research has shown that remote coaching programmes can be just as effective as in-person coaching.

“With the 12 Week Group Programme, you’ll receive 12 x 60 minute group coaching calls by online video at weekly intervals to help keep you supported and accountable every step of the way.”


I’ll show you an easier way to achieve the goals that you want without difficult eating plans, counting calories or even depriving yourself.

  • Magic plate and learning how a balanced nutritious meal should be made up.
  • Recipes and new foods including healthy food options and identifying which foods are right for your unique body type.
  • Chewing and how a simple change can benefit your body in more ways than you realise.
  • Water and how to increase your intake and the huge benefits it brings.
  • Quality foods that you should be buying to keep in your kitchen to set you up for success.
  • Magic snacks that are nutritious and delicious, and don’t have you falling asleep mid-afternoon!
  • Honouring hunger and fullness signals and understanding the difference between hunger and pleasure.

All About You

Every week we will explore a new topic that is relevant to the goals of the group and then take it in turns to listen, celebrate and support each person with your achievements and challenges every step of the way.

  • Create your goals & vision and embed their importance using NLP techniques.
  • Clear the clutter to make space for the new you.
  • Self sabotage and what triggers effect the progress of your good intentions and how to handle those tricky situations.
  • Pleasure and how to enjoy life without it just being about food or drink.
  • Stress reduction & relaxation to understand the negative effects stress has on our health and digestion, and to breathe all your cares away.
  • We’ll explore movement and how to bring this into your day without having to join a gym.
  • New technique for linking pleasure and movement together to make it fun and easy!

12 Week Group Programme Also Includes:

Relevant Resources

Everything you'll need to support your journey including handouts, links and access to all my tried and tested recipes.

Emergency Support

Access to your coach anytime, anywhere, in-between sessions.

Recorded sessions

For those who weren’t able to attend, or who missed parts of the session or want to recall the session once more.

Support Forum

Inclusion in my client-only Facebook support group and exclusive recipe club, as well as support and accountability from both your coach and other members of your group.

My Promise To You:

At the end of the 12 weeks you will feel happier and healthier like never before…

Abby x

More Confidence

You’ll be happier, healthier and more confident.

More Energy

Renewed energy into all corners of your life.

Eat Healthily

You’ll learn what works for your body type.

Deal with Stress

You’ll learn techniques for dealing with stress.

Break Habits

Turn bad habits to healthy ones.

Guilt-Free Enjoyment

Guilt-free enjoyment of food, your body and life.

12 Weeks, 6 Members, 1 Coach

If it’s time to make permanent changes,
with my 12 Week Group Coaching Programme, you’ll give yourself the best chance to succeed!

The Investment





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Save £200


Per month for 3 months
Pay Monthly

For more details call 07788 280979 or email Abby

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