Helena, Warwickshire

Helena, Warwickshire

Programme:4 Hour Fullness Formula Online Programme

“I think joining the 10 week programme came at just the right time for me. By the time I’d watched the first couple of videos, I knew I was in the right frame of mind to make the changes I needed to. I didn’t watch the fitness videos as I have started running again and I walk everywhere now too (where I can). I mainly eat food I’ve cooked for myself with proper ingredients and generally never eat biscuits, sweets and chocolate. Over Christmas, I ate a lot of what I wanted but never felt that I was out of control and ate a lot less rubbish. I’ve lost just under 21 lbs (without trying it feels like) but just feel so much healthier and happier. I feel like I’ve got more confidence in myself too. I think your approach, which isn’t based on how much weight I’m losing, but about the small changes I could make to eat better, taking time to note how food makes me feel and why I was eating in the way I did, was so much better for me.

I really feel in control of myself food-wise. As in, I don’t really think about it now and don’t suffer from panic if I have a piece of birthday cake or a dessert that everything has gone to pot or any guilt that I’ve eaten something I shouldn’t. I think I’ve chilled out around food !!

Thank you so much for your support. I’m so glad I met you!”

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