Alka, 51, Holland

Alka, 51, Holland

“I am currently completing week 6 of the programme.  I am 51 and for the last few years my weight has been steadily increasing and I have been feeling increasingly unfit despite exercising regularly and trying to eat healthily.

I have been finding the programme really useful and beneficial.  The weekly videos with things to think about and actions to take have enabled me to think more clearly about how, why and what I eat and the individual fitness routines have introduced me to the wonders of HIIT training!

Another part of the programme is the Facebook group.  It makes it really easy to check in with the other members of the group and with Abby. We can post what’s going well, or not, share recipes and basically be of mutual support to each other.

Overall the whole programme so far has been really beneficial and encouraging and I see that it will enable me in the future to continue the healthier way of living that I am slowly developing without becoming obsessed with diet and exercise.

On a practical note in the first 4 weeks I lost 2.8kg in weight and 12.5cm off my body measurements – a really encouraging start!

I highly recommend this programme and hope that you enjoy it as much as I am doing.”

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