Gina, 41, Warwickshire

Having completed the 12 week programme with Abby I would have no hesitation in recommending her and the programme for anyone wishing to improve their health, fitness and way of thinking about food.

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Linda, 58, Stafford

Abby has changed my life around without judgement or pressure. She has changed my thinking, my views on the how's and whys as well as introduced me to some great new foods. She's given me my life back

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Amy, 35, London

I was able to carry on life as normal with a few adaptations added in each session, which really led to a big improvement in my energy levels and with food confidence by the end of the programme.

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Mel, 42, Holland

Caring for three young children, I had forgotten to look after myself. When I signed up for a free discovery session for health coaching, I knew I had found what I needed....

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