Sugar-Free Nutty Fudge Bites

Sugar-Free Nutty Fudge Bites

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These are really easy but very tasty little bites of nuttiness that will curb any sweet cravings and still feel like you’ve had a treat.

Keep them in the freezer so they are handy whenever you want them.

Ingredients: makes 16

30g butter

30g coconut oil

20g cacao nibs (or just use very dark chocolate)

150g pecan nuts

4 medjool dates, destoned

cocoa powder for dusting


Line a small, square tray or dish (it doesn’t matter too much what you use but square just helps with cutting).

Melt the butter, coconut oil and cacao nibs (or chocolate) in a bowl in the microwave for 1 minute.

The add the melted mixture along with the nuts and dates into a food processor and blend for a few minutes until the texture of coarse sand.

Scrape into the lined dish and flatten down.

Pop into the freezer for an hour and then take out and cut into squares (if you prefer you could always make into balls before freezing).

Dust each square in cocoa powder and then either serve or pop back in the dish and keep in the freezer until required.

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