The Winter Blues – How They Can Affect Your Weight & What To Do About It

The Winter Blues – How They Can Affect Your Weight & What To Do About It

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It’s that time of year again…. dark mornings when you wake up and dark evenings when you leave work…. we are now in the shortest days of the year for the next couple of months.  All we want to do is snuggle up inside, hibernate under the duvet and eat warming and stodgy food….

Chicken salads just don’t cut it, drinking cold water is not an appealing idea and getting outside when it’s dull and wet has zero appeal.  The idea of going to the gym after work is just a laugh when you could be getting cosy indoors instead!

It’s no wonder that we feel the effects of living this way and end up gaining weight at this time of year, and that’s before you even consider the effects of Christmas!

Did you know we naturally store fat in the Autumn ready to keep us fuelled in the Winter months?  Food might be readily available to us at all times now but in the past food was scarce in Winter so our bodies adapted and stored fat to keep us going, so it’s not our fault we gain weight at this time of year!

Many people also struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) at this time of year too which can lead to further weight gain and lethargy.

So combine a lack of sunshine and fresh air, limited exercise, stodgier foods and more of it, less motivation and energy AND a biological predisposition to store more fat plus a disruption of our seratonin and melatonin levels, this can lead to lethargy, depression, irritability and weight gain!

For me personally I’m not a Winter fan – I’m definitely a sunshine girl! Even when I was a child, long before sleepless nights with a small child of my own or the effects of a poor diet were a factor I was rubbish at getting out of bed, especially in Winter.  My Mum used to have to come and wake me 3 times before I reluctantly got up!  Plus I always put on half a stone EVERY October without fail, whether my diet is good or poor!

Now I brace myself for these coming months and take positive action to combat the effects of Winter so i though that i would share some of my top tips with you today (you can also watch it in the video below too).  Perhaps there are a few things you could implement this week to help you make it through the Winter happier, healthier and without having to buy new jeans!

  1. Take Vitamin D3

This is actually a steroid hormone manufactured in the body in direct relation to sunlight.  In the UK an increasing number of people are being recommended a Vitamin D supplement by their GP because you just can’t get it from sunlight at this time of year.  Often people go to their GP feeling tired and low in energy and when they start taking it feel completely changed!  I’ve had a number of clients report huge changes in energy and health levels from making this 1 simple change.

I would suggest you are slightly cautious when buying this product as not all supplements are created equal.  Those purchased from a supermarket are often poor quality and made from synthetic ingredients so it’s important to know that you have a reputable source so that you actually get some benefit out of them!

This is the brand I would recommend and you can get a discount with this link too…. 

plus they do a really good quality kids one as well 🙂

2. Eat Warming and Nourishing Foods Guilt Free

It’s absolutely ok to go with biology and eat stodgy warming foods at this time of year (I do!) but make sure they are healthy ones!  I love making homemade soups and use my slow cooker for casseroles all the time.  Ensure that you add in lots of vegetables, beans and lentils plus other nourishing foods and the good news is that it’s easy to hide them away so the kids won’t notice!

3. Get Outside

It might feel like an effort but even 15 minutes will make you feel better.  I started doing a 15 minute walk every night after dinner in the Summer and I still try to keep this going even now – it just requires more warm clothes!  I find it calms my mind, reduces my stress levels almost instantaneously, gives me more energy and makes me a better person to be around (read more patient!)

4. Introduce Self-Care

It’s really important to find some ways to relax and look after yourself more in Winter, we definitely need more TLC.  You might not have much time but it doesn’t have to take long and we all make time for what’s important to us.  Have a bath, buy some snuggle pyjamas, read a good book or watch something that makes you laugh – all are good for your soul.

Did you know that taking time to look after yourself will also help you control your weight? One of the problems with traditional diets is that they all focus on food.  I believe, and have proven this time and time again with clients, that we have to look after our whole self both physically and emotionally to let go of eating that doesn’t work for us any more and to allow our bodies to stop storing fat.  This can be done by reducing our stress levels down and finding ways other than eating to deal with our stress.

5. Set Yourself a Goal

Having a goal for early 2019 is really important.  It might be a holiday to look forward to.  A social event. A dress you want to fit in to.  Find something that will motivate you and use it in your mind when ever you feel like hibernating on the sofa with a Terry’s Chocolate Orange!! A lack of focus on holidays and other pursuits in skimpy clothing often means we don’t focus on our weight loss goals – what’s the point we are covered up for 6 months anyway!  So find what your focus is and use it!


If you want more tips on weight loss the simple way then join my Masterclass HERE in which I share with you 3 of my secrets I use with my VIP clients even if you’re busy and have tired everything before….



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