Losing weight without dieting starts here. Grab your Free Happy Healthy Waistline Starter Kit and begin today!

Would you like to...

look and feel more confident about yourself (even in a swimsuit)?

be able to wear those clothes hidden in the back of your wardrobe?

look forward to social occasions rather than making excuses not to go?

join in with your kids on holiday without feeling like the frumpy Mum sat on the side?

have more energy for your family so that you’re not so grumpy around them just because you feel rubbish about yourself?

be an amazing role model for your kids by living an active, healthy lifestyle and enjoying cooking for the family?

Hi, I'm Abby

and I get how hard it is trying to juggle a career, family, home and if you’re lucky a social life of your own (and not just your kids!) Trying to find the time, energy and willpower to look after yourself seems like an impossible task right?

As a Health Coach who focuses on busy Mums I will help you to lose weight and keep it off so that you can do all those things.  I enable you to achieve what you haven’t been able to do by yourself and to create a sustainable balanced lifestyle that fits around the demands of your existing life. I will show you that you can lose weight without giving up all the foods you enjoy!

Why is this different to anything you’ve done before?…. Because no one has shown you the right way before!

  • My coaching techniques are simple, effective and sustainable
  • No willpower, deprivation or complicated meal plans are required (the market is saturated with these and they don’t work long-term)
  • You get to eat real food – and plenty of it, without counting calories!
  • You get complete emotional and moral support and accountability
  • It provides long term sustainable changes putting an end to yo-yo dieting
  • It only takes one hour a week and you can even do it in your pyjamas!

“I know what it’s like to be busy, stressed-out,
and desperate to make a change
but can’t find the time, energy or willpower
to prioritise yourself.”

Read more about my story.

How Can Health & Wellness Coaching Help?

Busy Life

1 hour or less a week commitment.


Experience focus and motivation like never before.

Full Support

Enjoy prolonged expert support and accountability.

No dieting or deprivation

We work out what foods are right for you.

How Does it Work?

Coaching & Challenge

Through coaching, I will enable you to achieve what you have been unable to do by yourself and help you to lose weight whilst fitting seamlessly with the demands of your existing life.

Mindset and Behaviour

I will help you to subtly shift your mind-set, habits and behaviour using simple, effective and sustainable techniques as part of a tried and tested coaching model.

Support & Accountability

By providing the right accountability, along with emotional and moral support, I ensure that these positive changes really will stick this time.

Vitality Health Coaching provides you with the right system, the right support and the right accountability to lose weight without dieting, depriving yourself or feeling hungry forever. I am trained to guide you to uncover what is ideal for you and your body type.

Great health is only the start of the journey in attracting what you want in your life:

a new job, family, money or just the confidence to be the person that you have always dreamt of being.

Losing weight without dieting starts here.

Grab your Free Happy Healthy Waistline Starter Kit and begin today!

The reason why I loved Vitality and Abby is simple: it worked! After having my little boy, going to the gym and dieting didn’t work. But changing my habits did.

Caring for three young children, I had forgotten to look after myself. When I signed up for a free discovery session for health coaching, I knew I had found what I needed.

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Losing weight without wieting starts here. Grab your Free Happy Healthy Waistline Starter Kit and begin today! 

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